Wednesday, June 02, 2010

my first movie at the Riviera

Finding more information on the Riviera has been kind of difficult. I have tried many times to contact a member of the Armentero family but have not received any answer. So, in the meantime, I will post about movies I distinctly remembered seeing at the Riviera. 

The first one I recall was Walt Disney's "Peter Pan". This is one of my earliest moviegoing memories. I saw it with my grandparents. They were both movie fans. They lived very close to the theater and had attended it for many years. 

At that time, the only way to see this kind of movie was to see it in a movie theater. Disney had a weekly tv show, but would never show a classic like this on tv. They simply showed snippets of it to whet kid's appetite. So I was really thrilled to see it. 

And I recall liking the movie, especially the scenes with Captain Hook (el Capitan Garfio, I think was his name in the Spanish language version). It was such a fun character. And, of course, the character of the alligator always waiting for someone to fall in the water.

After seeing this movie at the Riviera, I remembered having a Peter Pan style toy sword and going around the house pretending I was fighting the bad guys like Peter Pan did. 

Anyway, it was a fine way to get to know the Riviera, my wonderful neighborhood theater.


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